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In the repo, in the EXAMPLE folder, there's a skeleton Express.js application. The files of interest are app.js, views/index.jade and the javascript files in /public/javascripts. If you go into this folder, do `npm install` then `node app.js` you can test it's working.
+##Cassette Options
+The only real configuration is to do with paths.
+ // this...
+ var cassette = require('cassette-express')();
+ // is a shortcut for..
+ var cassette = require('cassette-express')({
+ assetsPath : '/public/javascripts',
+ outputPath : '/javascripts',
+ buildPath : '/cassette',
+ mode : 'debug'
+ })
+If your javascript assets are somewhere else, this is how you would configure that. It's probably best to leave the buildPath as '/cassette' - this makes your minified bundles output to `/public/javascripts/cassette` by default.
+This API is pretty horrible. Sorry.
##Next Steps
- Integration with Amazon S3 to allow automatic upload of minified bundles

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