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A Monero mining pool.


  • Scalable pool architecture
  • Utilises monerod's --block-notify feature to fetch new work quickly.
  • Validates hashes with RandomX fast/full-memory mode

Installation and Configuration

For developers: see docs/ and docs/


The pool has various API endpoints that can be accessed over HTTP, for custom integrations with alerts and monitoring dashboards.

The documentation for this can be found at docs/

Project Structure

  • api - HTTP API for miners to view statistics like hashrate.
  • docs - Documentation for setting up and configuring the pool.
  • moneropool - The server that mining software connects to, to get jobs and submit work.
  • support - Contains things like database schemas, deployment scripts, etc.


Feel free to send some Moneroj to the following address:



Released under the terms of the MIT license. See LICENSE for more details.

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