Validate In-App Purchase Receipt Locally
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Validate In-App Purchase Receipt Locally

1. Setup OpenSSL Library

  • Build your OpenSSL static library file
  • Import .h and .a files into your project
  • Set Header Search Paths and User Header Search Paths
  • Add .a files into Linked Frameworks and Libraries

2. Copy QWReceiptValidator directory to your project

3. Validate Receipt

  • Note: bundle id and version must be hardcoded.
let validator = QWReceiptValidator.sharedInstance()
        validator.validateReceipt(withBundleIdentifier: "your.Bundle.Id", bundleVersion: "1", tryAgain: true, success: { (receipt) in
            // Handle Success
            // TODO: Parse the in-apps data and deliver content
            for iap in receipt.in_app {
                if iap.cancellation_date == nil &&
                iap.expires_date != nil &&
                Date().compare(iap.original_purchase_date) == .orderedDescending &&
                Date().compare(iap.expires_date!) == .orderedAscending {
                // ...
        }) { (error) in
            // Handle Failure