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A threaded, recursive, web directory brute-force scanner over HTTP/2.
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h2buster (v0.3e-1)

A threaded, recursive, web directory brute-force scanner over HTTP/2 using hyper, inspired by Gobuster.


  • Fast and portable - install hyper and run.
  • Multiconnection scanning.
  • Multithreaded connections.
  • Scalable: scans can be as docile or aggressive as you configure them to be.
  • h2 and h2c support.
  • Configurable directory recursion depth.
  • Multiplatform: works on both *nix and Windows.


You only need to install one dependency. If you don't have hyper, run:
pip3 install -r requirements.txt


usage: [-h] -w wordlist -u target [-c connections] [-t threads]
                   [-r directory_depth] [-hd header_list] [-x extension_list]

h2buster: an HTTP/2 web directory brute-force scanner.

  -h, --help          show this help message and exit
  -w wordlist         Directory wordlist
  -u target           Target URL/IP address (host[:port]). Default port is 443
                      and HTTPS enabled. To specify otherwise, use ':port' or
                      'http://' (port will default to 80 then).
  -c connections      Number of HTTP/2 connections. Default is 3.
  -t threads          Number of threads per connection. Default is 20.
  -r directory_depth  Maximum recursive directory depth. Minimum is 1, default
                      is 2, unlimited is 0.
  -hd header_list     List of headers in the format
                      'header->value[|header->value|header->value...]'. For
                      example: -hd 'user-agent->Mozilla/5.0|accept-
                      encoding->gzip, deflate, br'.
  -x extension_list   List of file extensions to check separated by a vertical
                      bar. For example, -x '.php|.js|blank|/' will check .php,
                      .js, blank and / for every wordlist entry. The 'blank'
                      keyword signifies no file extension. Default extensions
                      are '/', 'blank', '.html', '.php'
  -nc                 Disable colored output text.


Check the TODO file for a list of features that need work.

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