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coding test from V** for practice
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coding test from V** for practice

// leaders of open-source projects put sign-up // sheets on the wall, with the project name at the // top in capital letters for identification. // Students then signed up for projects using // their userids. A userid is a string of lower-case // letters and numbers starting with a letter. // The organizer then took all the sheets off the // wall and typed in the information. // Your job is to summarize the number of // students who have signed up for each project. // Some students were overly enthusiastic and put // their name down several times for the same // project. That’s okay, but they should only count // once. Students were asked to commit to a single // project, so any student who has signed up for more // than one project should not count for any project. // There are at most 10,000 students at the university, // and at most 100 projects were advertised.

// Input // The input contains several test cases, each one ending with a line that starts with the digit 1. The last // test case is followed by a line starting with the digit 0. // Each test case consists of one or more project sheets. A project sheet consists of a line containing // the project name in capital letters, followed by the userids of students, one per line.

// Output // For each test case, output a summary of each project sheet. The summary is one line with the name // of the project followed by the number of students who signed up. These lines should be printed in // decreasing order of number of signups. If two or more projects have the same number of signups, they // should be listed in alphabetical order.

// Sample Input // UBQTS TXT // tthumb // LIVESPACE BLOGJAM // philton // aeinstein // YOUBOOK // j97lee // sswxyzy // j97lee // aeinstein // SKINUX // 1 // 0 // Sample Output // YOUBOOK 2 // LIVESPACE BLOGJAM 1 // UBQTS TXT 1 // SKINUX 0

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