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This is based on the original sjpplog which is in turn based on Fedukun's pplog, a single perl script that controls an entire blog! No need for SQL data bases as all data is kept in flat files.

So what is different?

  • multiuser capability: the blog can have multiple posters
  • beefed up security
  • extra features such as extra sharing options and a new "hit" map by @jamesbond3142; see here
  • other bugfixes and enhancements

So who is using it?


On shared hosting (apache, nginx), you should put blog/cgi-bin/ and blog/www under your /home/user/public_html (or wherever your websites normally go) directory and point your domain to /home/user/public_html/blog. Rename blog to whatever you want if you wish. Rename example.htaccess to .htaccess and edit it if you know what you are doing. Preferably, if you have access to the apache/nginx config you should edit this instead of using an .htaccess file but this isn't always possible.

Then, you must put external above /public_html for security reasons. It must be a writable location. You can rename external if you wish.

To configure, open cgi-bin/ in a text editor and edit the following:

  • our $config_blogTitle = 'The Blog'; # Blog title with yours
  • our $config_adminPass = 'Password1'; # Admin password to get started, but you are prompted to change it later
  • our $config_blogStart = 'Mar 2016'; # date the blog commenced - optional
  • our $config_wwwFolder = '/my/path/on/server/puppyblog/external/blog'; #for your writeable stuff
  • other stuff below that suits your needs

In Puppy Linux you can just put the lot int /root/Web-Server.

I'm sure if you have your own server or VPS you will be able to figure it out. 😄

More to come