Open vSwitch accelerated by Intel® DPDK - See Open vSwitch DPDK-netdev for latest implimentation
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Latest commit 89cb969 Feb 24, 2015 @skuenzer skuenzer committed with indexOutOfBound5 datapath/dpdk: jobs system: Stop inactive lcores cleanly
ovdk_jobs_stop_slave_lcore() was not calling rte_eal_wait_lcore()
for slave lcores that are in FINISHED state. However, slave
lcores need to be in WAIT state before they can be used by
rte_eal_remote_launch() again.
The state transition from FINISHED to WAIT is done via

Change-Id: Ic5e7c63b0266174f7f5115553a6892b5c1281f19
Signed-off-by: Simon Kuenzer <>
Reviewed-by: Meghan Halton <>

Intel® DPDK vSwitch is a fork of the open source Open vSwitch multilayer virtual switch found at

For more information on the project, check out the Overview document or visit the Packet Processing portal on

Getting Started

To get started right away, we recommend that you check out the documentation contained in the docs directory. These files provide an in-depth overview of the components, system requirements and basic operation of Intel® DPDK vSwitch. The documents are written in Markdown format, so for best results, view the documentation using a Markdown viewer, or on GitHub.


Intel® DPDK vSwitch has been validated against the following Linux distributions:

  • Fedora 18
  • Fedora 20

Additionally, Intel® DPDK vSwitch has been validated on the following processors:

  • Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 Family
  • Intel® Atom® Processor C2000 Family

Finally, Intel® DPDK vSwitch requires the following version of Intel® DPDK:

  • Intel® DPDK 1.7.1

Further Information

For further information, please check out the docs directory, or use the mailing list.


Please submit all questions, bugs and patch requests to the official mailing list. For further information on this process, please refer to the CONTRIBUTING file.