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NumaTOP is an observation tool for runtime memory locality characterization and analysis of processes and threads running on a NUMA system.
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Signed-off-by: Jin Yao <>


Building & Installing NumaTOP
1. To build NumaTOP

2. To clean the built objects
	make clean
3. To install NumaTOP (needs root authority).
	make install

Build Dependencies
NumaTOP requires following libraries:

1. numactl-devel or libnuma-dev(el)
2. libncurses
3. libpthread

Kernel Requirement:
Recommended kernel: 3.16

For Haswell supporting, please also apply a perf patch on 3.16. The patch
is numatop/kernel_patches/0001-perf-x86-Widen-Haswell-OFFCORE-mask.patch.

The patch can also be found at following link:

common:	common code for all platforms.

intel : Intel platform-specific code.

test  : mgen source code. mgen is a micro-test application which can
        generate memory access with runtime latency value among CPUs.
        Note that this application is only used for numatop testing!

kernel_patches: the required kernel patches.

numatop is supported on Intel Xeon processors: 5500-series, 6500/7500-series,
5600 series, E7-x8xx-series, and E5-16xx/24xx/26xx/46xx-series. 

E5-16xx/24xx/26xx/46xx-series had better be updated to latest CPU microcode
(microcode must be 0x618+ or 0x70c+).

To learn about NumaTOP, please visit

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