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NumaTOP is an observation tool for runtime memory locality characterization and analysis of processes and threads running on a NUMA system.

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Building & Installing NumaTOP
1. To build NumaTOP

2. To clean the built objects
	make clean
3. To install NumaTOP (needs root authority).
	make install

Build Dependencies
NumaTOP requires following libraries:

1. numactl-devel or libnuma-dev(el)
2. libncurses
3. libpthread

Kernel Requirement:
NumaTOP requires a special patch which supports PEBS Load Latency functionality.
The patch has not been integrated in 3.8 (probably it will be integrated
in 3.9). The following steps instruct how to get and apply the patch.

1. git clone git://
2. cd tip
3. git checkout perf/x86
4. build kernel as usual

common:	common code for all platforms.

intel : Intel platform-specific code.

test  : mgen source code. mgen is a micro-test application which can
        generate memory access with runtime latency value among CPUs.
        Note that this application is only used for numatop testing!

numatop is supported on Intel Xeon processors: 5500-series, 6500/7500-series,
5600 series, E7-x8xx-series, and E5-16xx/24xx/26xx/46xx-series. 

E5-16xx/24xx/26xx/46xx-series had better be updated to latest CPU microcode
(microcode must be 0x618+ or 0x70c+).

To learn about NumaTOP, please visit
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