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Released/Packaged Files
Owner: File: License: Source:
----- ----- -------- -------
Intel index.html APLv2 N/A
jQuery lib/jquery-1.6.4.js MIT or GPLv2 [1]
jQuery lib/jquery-1.6.4.min.js MIT or GPLv2 [2]
jQuery lib/jquery-ui-1.8.16.custom.js MIT or GPLv2 [3]
jQuery lib/jquery-ui-1.8.16.custom.min.js MIT or GPLv2 [3]
jQuery lib/ MIT or GPLv2 [4]
jQuery lib/ MIT or GPLv2 [5]
Intel src/js/serialize.js APLv2 N/A
Intel src/js/fs.js APLv2 N/A
Intel src/js/widgets.js APLv2 N/A
Intel src/js/adm.js APLv2 N/A
Intel src/js/pageTemplate.js APLv2 N/A
Intel src/js/panel.js APLv2 N/A
jQuery src/js/jquery-workarounds.js MIT, GPLv2 [6]
& Intel & APLv2
Intel src/js/main.js APLv2 N/A
Intel src/js/composer.js APLv2 N/A
Intel src/js/codeview-mode.js APLv2 N/A
Intel src/js/devices.js APLv2 N/A
Intel src/js/projects.js APLv2 N/A
Intel src/js/views/live.js APLv2 N/A
Intel src/js/views/widget.js APLv2 N/A
Intel src/js/views/outline.js APLv2 N/A
Intel src/js/views/tree.js APLv2 N/A
Intel src/js/views/project.js APLv2 N/A
Intel src/js/views/code.js APLv2 N/A
Intel src/js/views/layout.js APLv2 N/A
Intel src/js/views/palette.js APLv2 N/A
Intel src/js/views/view-core.js APLv2 N/A
Intel src/js/views/property.js APLv2 N/A
Intel src/js/views/page.js APLv2 N/A
Intel src/assets/devices.json APLv2 N/A
Intel src/assets/groups.json APLv2 N/A
Intel src/css/builder.css APLv2 N/A
Intel src/css/composer.css APLv2 N/A
Intel src/css/fonts.css APLv2 N/A
Intel src/css/panel.css APLv2 N/A
jQuery src/css/jquery-ui.css MIT or GPLv2 [3]
jQuery src/css/ MIT or GPLv2 [7]
jQuery src/css/ MIT or GPLv2 [8]
jQuery src/css/ MIT or GPLv2 [9]
jQuery src/css/ MIT or GPLv2 [10]
Einar lib/js-beautify/beautify-html.js MIT [13]
Einar lib/js-beautify/beautify.js MIT [13]
Intel lib/web-ui-fw.js MIT [14]
Stein lib/web-ui-fw-libs.js BSD [18,19]
jQuery src/css/web-ui-fw-theme.css MIT or GPLv2 [14]
Intel src/css/web-ui-fw-widgets.css MIT [14]
Stuart lib/jszip.js MIT or GPLv3 [15]
Marijn lib/CodeMirror-2.21/LICENSE BSD-like [16]
Marijn lib/CodeMirror-2.21/lib/codemirror.css BSD-like [16]
Marijn lib/CodeMirror-2.21/lib/codemirror.js BSD-like [16]
Marijn lib/CodeMirror-2.21/mode/css/css.js BSD-like [16]
Marijn lib/CodeMirror-2.21/mode/htmlmixed/htmlmixed.js BSD-like [16]
Marijn lib/CodeMirror-2.21/mode/javascript/javascript.js BSD-like [16]
Marijn lib/CodeMirror-2.21/mode/xml/xml.js BSD-like [16]
Intel src/js/codeview-mode.js APLV2 N/A
Renevier lib/zipfile.js Modified BSD[17]
Unreleased/Unpackaged Files (build/debug/development)
Owner: File: License: Source:
----- ----- -------- -------
Intel TODO APLv2 N/A
Intel tests/registry-test.js APLv2 N/A
Intel tests/registry-test.html APLv2 N/A
Intel tests/adm-test.js APLv2 N/A
Intel tests/adm-test.html APLv2 N/A
Intel build/README APLv2 N/A
Intel build/report.css APLv2 N/A
Intel build/builder-jslint.js APLv2 N/A
Douglas build/jslint.js BSD-like [11,12]
Crockford (w/ conditions)
Google build/ BSD [20]
[6] Portions of this file contains jQuery-UI functions copied from original
sources ([3]) and modified by Intel to override default behaviors.
[12] Portions of the file (jslint.js) are copyright Intel Corporation, 2011-2012
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