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P2 - convert ADM API to use exceptions for errors
P3 - move test utils into a separate .js file
P3 - add ADM unit tests
Need Thought
P2 - higher-level validation like id can only start with alpha character
P1 - consider preventing selection outside of active page, or as Xu suggests,
making selection outside automatically change active page
P1 - consider moving active page and selection concepts to design node
P2 - consider validating widget registry entries on startup
[Design View]
P2 - Make tools/panels movable to "dock" positions
- Not necessarily true flexible docking, but Shane is working on a scheme
to at least give us flexibility in fixed pane layouts, resizable in one
P2 - Make all DOM interactions into a "framework" class with well
defined APIs for things like:
* change page
* select object
* refresh (or reload) page
* refresh (or reload) document
* setting framework specific options (e.g. default transitions)
* generic message handler (?)
* delete object
* move object
* etc...
- Bugs to be fixed:
* Flip toggle switch widget in the design view cannot be selected.
- Update 1/3/12: Selectable but ugly and clicks fall through to it
* The option widget within a select menu does not show correctly in the design view.
- New design is to make options a property of select
- See new project management features in UX design, and PTSDK-222 thru PTSDK-232,
especially PTSDK-224
P2 - Rename template.js to something more appropriate for what it actually
does, which is handling the embedded design view contents styling and
behaviors in the framework context as opposed to the RIB JS/CSS
P1 - Separate "controller" and "design view" logic in js/builder.js. For
example, split it into two files... and make them more object oriented
P2 - Start saving context for UI states, preferences, current design, etc...
P3 - App title is currently always "title" which can't be changed; perhaps
this can just be removed, or made blank -- or it should be exposed as a
general property of the design somewhere. If that's to show up in the
property pane, we would need some way to select the "design".
P2 - It would be nice to preserve the ability to write pure jQuery Mobile apps,
which would require something like a design setting to turn Tizen widgets
on or off. Maybe better as a decision you make when opening a new project,
so we don't have to worry about deleting Tizen widgets if you turn those
P1 - Convert palette.json and palette.js to be usable for BWidget objects
Migrate the non-base widgets from widgets.js to palette JSON
* Base, Design, Page, Header, Footer and maybe Content will remain
in widgets.js
* Button, TextInput and others should migrate to a JSON format
P2 - Add additional jQM widgets to the palette JSON:
* Password Input
* Validated Inputs (number, email, url, telephone, etc.)
* Search Input
P2 - Convert the palette to a "palette.d" format, where new, custom palettes
can be added by simply adding new files into that dir. Needs some high
level design documentation.
P2 - Create additional templates
P2 - Add a "template picker" at startup and pre-populate the content area with
selected template
P1 - Provide real UX icons for widgets
P2 - Perhaps display placeholder text in TextInput to guide user
(e.g. Enter hint text here) -- but only in design canvas
P3 - Someday we might want to distinguish between the order properties are
listed in properties pane and the order they are written in codegen
P3 - Could make form elements based on a common FormElement to inherit
the name attribute
P3 - Whether or not to wrap widget and label with a fieldcontain could be
an option on the widget
P2 - Add the ability to insert simple HTML at any point in the design:
text, <p> and <br> tags, <h?> tags, <b>, <i>, character entities, ...
- Might make sense to expose "class" property on everything
- Could make sense to expose Block elements so their ids could be set
[Code Gen]
[Code View]
P2 - If you change pages with a button (e.g. with target "#page2") in the
preview, it might be nice if we noticed and updated our selection. OTOH,
maybe not.
P2 - If you navigate as above in the preview, probably when you come back to
preview later it should start you back on the same page you were looking
at in the design canvas again. Could use UX thought.
[Outline View]