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Intel(R) Threading Building Blocks

Intel(R) Threading Building Blocks (Intel(R) TBB) lets you easily write parallel C++ programs that take full advantage of multicore performance, that are portable, composable and have future-proof scalability.

Intel(R) TBB Distribution

Repository Content

This is an official Intel(R) TBB public GitHub repository. All source and binary packages starting from Intel(R) TBB 4.4 can be found at the Release page. Links to the packages with older versions of Intel(R) TBB can be found in the file.

Repository Structure

The Master branch is empty and contains only and files.

tbb_<major_version> - branch for the new major version. All minor versions of the major release will be committed in this branch.

For example:

  • Intel(R) TBB 2017 initial release goes to branch tbb_2017.
  • Intel(R) TBB 2017 Update 1 will go to branch tbb_2017 too.
  • Intel(R) TBB 2018 initial release will go to branch tbb_2018.

Сontact engineering team

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