improve systemd support; install to /sbin #20

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This patchset improves the systemd service, including a fix for issue #13.

It also changes the default installation directory for the daemon to ${sbindir}. If your distribution does not distinguish between /usr/bin and /usr/sbin, overriding that is easy - ./configure --sbindir='${bindir}' - but distinguishing between the two in the upstream build system is useful for distributions that do distinguish, like Debian and Ubuntu.

smcv added some commits Feb 12, 2014
@smcv smcv Install thermald in ${sbindir}, and point systemd service to it
Substituting @sbindir@ in means that the systemd
unit will work if compiled with a non-default --sbindir, or a
non-/usr prefix.

Distributions that don't distinguish between /usr/sbin and /usr/bin
can configure with --sbindir=/usr/bin or similar.
@smcv smcv do not depend on
systemd uses socket activation for, so it's unnecessary
to depend on it.
@smcv smcv do not suppress stderr
Unless thermald's stderr is really spammy, it's better to capture
all of its output so that any error/warning messages appear in
the Journal.
@spandruvada spandruvada merged commit 62013c0 into 01org:master Feb 12, 2014
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