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Annex is a Reversi/Othello game implemented with HTML5/Javascript technology.
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Annex is a Reversi/Othello game implemented with HTML5/Javascript technology.

It has been tested on the following browsers/platforms:

  • Tizen/WRT
  • Tizen/Crosswalk
  • Android/Crosswalk
  • Tizen IDE
  • Chrome/file
  • Chrome/extension

This application is distributed under Apache2.0 license.

See for more details about how to use and extend this project.



Run-time dependencies (note that these are installed using bower and not distributed with the project):

Build-time dependencies are detailed in the package.json file. These are installed using npm and not distributed with the application.


This project uses the following fonts:


All images are created by Intel Corp.
They are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.


Credits for the sounds in the app/audio directory are as follows:

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