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# PWA-Basic
# CSS Mode-7ish
This code is just an example of the logic or a Progrssive Web Application (PWA).
Fans of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System will recall that maps and environments had a psuedo-3D environment that was created by stretching an image. This was known as Mode-7.
The code was quick and dirty but, it is effective. I just threw it together as proof of concept.
A PWA should be able to work independently from a server should there be no online connection (off-line mode) once the application is installed.
In this case I am using the local storage. The ajax code is designed to handle a failed connection to the server quietly returning false.
If false then the code reverts to the local storage. ( See the attached PDF to understand the logic ).
The application is allowed to be installed on a mobile device because of the manifest.json file.
This properly formatted file tells the device about the program. This allows the device to take advantage of an applcation known as a service worker.
This is just an experiment to reproduce that effect in CSS.

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