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jeremy0613 committed Dec 7, 2018
1 parent 59167c9 commit 92747b5a1cb6323fda16928da9588d7428618d08
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@@ -35,3 +35,31 @@ farthest mech should be spottlighting approaching people ( solidiers )
- Chance for peace???

- Friend or foe?

- Klatu needs to be bent over more

Bullet holes and blasts on feet and under carriage

some missle should have been fired already

rubble in the spotlight

I-beam in the spotlight

A different take on The Day the Earth Stood Still.
In this version Klatu never approcahed man kind. His kind suimply began anihalating humans.
Klatu in this version is simply a pilot of a death machine who happens apon a little girl and takes pity on her.
note : in this society these creatures are linked like the Borh ( with LOVE and compassion and everything that every living creaure normally takes for granted ).
So Klatu has a just as much say in the fate of mankind as any other being in therir colective.
So in htis version he is interacting with the girl and her dog and on another plain or taste of mind he is convincing his kind to spare minkind.

Then of, course soldiers rush in and kill him DOOMING mankind.

( this is not a happy story ).

It;s tru that in the picture there will be decent among the soldiers but, to no avail.

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