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sh3proxy is a d3d8 wrapper for Silent Hill 3. Similarly to, it provides some fixes for the game:

  • Setting arbitrary video mode without conflict with the game's settings
  • Setting arbitrary horizontal FOV (field-of-view) angle
  • The engine no longer relies on resource paths in Windows registry
  • The engine no longer re-creates savedata/disp.ini
  • Savedata path can be overriden
  • Silent Hill 2 references can be unlocked without having to complete the game
  • Safe mode warnings are disabled
  • Fixes white border around game window on Windows
  • Using borderless window mode
  • Disabling Depth of Field effect
  • Setting custom Depth of Field effect resolution
  • Disabling black borders during cutscenes
  • Setting arbitrary shadow resolution


Copy d3d8.dll and sh3proxy.ini to Silent Hill 3 root directory. If needed, adjust settings in sh3proxy.ini.

Builds are available on releases page.


Set path to mingw in Run make.

sh3proxy can also be built to wrap dinput8 instead of d3d8:

WRAP_DINPUT=1 make # -B if your previous target was different


  • Fullscreen mode might not work at some resolutions
  • sh3proxy relies on hardcoded memory addresses. This means it might not be compatible with your version of sh3.exe. sh3proxy has only been tested with sh3.exe with 372ae792 CRC32 sum
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