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Installation Instructions

  • Please download the installer to your computer, then run it - don't run directly from your browser
  • Please read the Higurashi or Umineko wiki sections for more information.

Troubleshooting and Known Issues

  • If you are having installer trouble, or the game does not run properly, follow the Support Checklist to solve your problem
  • MacOS users may need to refresh the webpage (web GUI) if it does not load or seems to hang.

Windows Installer Variants Explanation

  1. 07th-Mod.Installer.Windows.exe (Requires Administrator)
    • Default Installer - Try this first.
  2. 07th-Mod.Installer.Windows.SafeMode.exe (Requires Administrator)
    • Use this if the installer does not start up. It uses a text-based interface for the launcher.
  3. (No Administrator Required)
    • Use this if you cannot launch the above two .exes due to Antivirus, lack of Admin Priviledge, or crashes
    • You might need to install the Visual C++ Redistributable (x86) (linked from this page), but most people will already have it.
    • Extract the .zip file to your desktop or downloads folder (NOT program files or the game root, as this may cause permissions issues)
    • Double click on the install.bat file.
      • A terminal will open, followed by a special page in your web browser (you use this webpage to install the mod).
      • If the install.bat does not work, close the terminal, then double click the install_safe_mode.bat for the text-only installer

Important Changes

  • Update button and landing page header images 9862fc3

Virus Scan Results

Your antivirus software or Windows may incorrectly give an antivirus warning (a false positive). If you're worried, you can check the below link for a VirusTotal Scan of the Windows .exe.

Typically we never get more than a couple false positives across the suite of about 67 different types of antivirus software.

07th-Mod.Installer.Windows.exe VirusTotal Result:

07th-Mod.Installer.Windows.SafeMode.exe VirusTotal Result: