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Umineko no Naku Koro ni (Question Arcs)

This patch aims to modify the newest release of Umineko by MangaGamer, changing its assets to replicate the PS3 version of the game. It is compatible with the Steam version and the MangaGamer DRM-free download. See the roadmap below for current patch status.

Install Instructions

See the Getting Started guide:


See the Troubleshooting section of the Wiki.

Feedback and bug reports

We now have a discord server: . If you have a formal issue to report, please still raise a github issue as it helps us keep track of issues. For small problems/questions however you can just ask on discord.

The patch is now fully released, however some bugs may remain. If you think you've found a bug, first check if the bug has already been reported.

For most issues, it is extremely useful to get the game's error log. Newer auto-installations can simply double click the "Umineko1to4_DebugMode.bat" file to start the game in debug mode. However, if you are missing the batch file, (download this to your game directory, and rename it as a .bat file)

Once you have started the game in debug mode, just play until the game crashes or behaves badly, then submit the stderr.txt and stdout.txt to us (when game is started in debug mode, a folder will appear showing stderr.txt and stdout.txt).

Open a new issue (or find the relevant existing issue) and please include as much information as you can in the 'Issues' section. You can copy and paste the following template:

  • [a description of the issue]
  • [pictures of the issue (if applicable)]
  • The bug occurs just after [text from when bug occurs] is shown on the screen
  • My operating system is [Windows, MacOS, Linux]
  • I installed the game [X Months ago]
  • I am running the [Full Patch / Voice only patch]
  • I installed the game [Manually / using the Automatic Installer]
  • My computer is a [Gaming Beast / Laptop with Integrated Graphics]
  • Add the stderr.txt and stdout.txt to the post

If you're not sure if it's a bug, you can report it on our discord (but try not to post any spoilers, if possible). We really appreciate your help!



The patch is currently FINISHED, although some bugs may remain...

  • Voices
  • Sprites
  • Backgrounds
  • Effects
  • CGs
  • Menus


There is another 'Umineko Modification' project which has a different set of goals, see Umineko Project if you are interested in that.