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The FNew ‘everyone-can-post-and-read’-Social Media Site's Github repository.

FNew is stopping!

FNew is not being used at all but costs me (Marnix Bloeiman) money, for the past year I hoped to bring change into that, but today I decided to stop FNew and it's services, as well as developement of ALL versions.

Welcome to our Github repository!

What is in this repository?

  • The FNew pages, posts and site's HTML code
  • (Future plans) Code that helps me to keep everything on rails. (actually, we have started to do that, the alpha branch.)

Okay, what is FNew?

FNew is a social media site using a 'everyone can see'-policy, which also means no fear for private conversations leaking, etcetera. Everything goes trough me, no automated process (yet).