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Analysis scripts

To invoke the Clang Static Analyzer, it is recommended to use the scan-build package implemented in Python. You can either use the scripts being part in the Clang repository (llvm/tools/clang/tools/scan-build-py/bin) or install them with pip install scan-build. Note that on make install LLVM copies an old Perl version of scan-build to /usr/local/bin which therefore might overwrite the Python version installed with pip. To run Clang-Tidy based on a compilation database, you can use See the Clang-Tidy documentation for further details.

Invoke analysis

Clang Static Analyzer:

  • As MPI wrapper compilers interfere with the scan-build script, it is recommended to invoke the analysis based on a compilation database generated by intercept-build (make|ninja|...). Note that databases generated by CMake can differ from those generated by intercept-build.

  • In order to produce a non-empty compilation database with intercept-build on macOS, system integrity protection needs to be disabled. See: Build EAR - README.

  • After the compilation database is created, analysis can be triggered with:
    analyze-build --enable-checker optin.mpi.MPI-Checker

Clang-Tidy: \
    -p=/path/to/compdb/folder \
    -clang-tidy-binary=/path/to/clang-tidy \
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