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Assign an EIP to all your instance in an AutoScale group
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==== Assign an EIP to each of your EC2 Instances in Autoscale Group ====

This configuration is only valid for Autoscaling groups IN VPC

  1. Create an EC2 Role in your AWS account using the file policy.txt

  2. Request and white-list (if needed) a number of Elastic IP address equal to the max number of server desired in the auto-scaling cluster

  3. Tag the resources EIP using ‘instance:not’ which then will change once assigned to an EC2 instance into ‘instance:yes’; to do that you could use the script inside the file

  4. Create an Auto-Scaling 'launch configuration' with the option 'assign a public IP address to every instance' and the proper image selected for the Auto-Scaling.

  5. Make the Auto-Scaling 'launch configuration' to run the user-data script in and enforce the use of the role created previously for every new instance.

  6. Have one of your server to run the cron to identify an re-tag properly all the EIP which are not attached to an instance any more and still having ‘instance:yes’ in the Tags.

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