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Index all the strings of all the files in a directory
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# Context

* You have a directory wiht stuff and you can extract strings from this stuff
  using the command "strings" (ie. your stuff is not compressed...).
* You are lazy and don't want to open all this files to see what they contains.
* You know that some of this files contains some particular words (ex: a name)
* You have a lot of memory available (at least the same size as all the files
  you want to search in)

# Requirements

* Linux / strings
* redis (,
* redis-py (

# Optional requirements

* ipython (optional but I like it)
* pystemmer library (used if installed on the system)

    sudo easy_install pystemmer

* fuzzy library (used if installed on the system)

    sudo easy_install fuzzy

# Usage

* Run a redis server
* Run in an interactive python shell (like ipython)
  with the directory you want to search in as argument

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