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Java Implementation of "Yet Another Logcat Dumper" - jyald


What's that?

JYald is a cross platform & GUI based Android logcat filtering application.

How to I get jyald?

How to I use?

Launching the application

  • Open a new Terminal / Console

  • Type javaw -jar jyaldpackage.jar for Windows,

    java -jar jyaldpackage.jar for Linux and

java -XstartOnFirstThread -jar jyaldpackage.jar for Macos X

  • Press Enter.

Program Parameters

  • You can set parameters for debugging options.

--level or -l {DEBUG_LEVELS} : Debugging level. DEBUG_LEVELS can be combination of following values

  • cor: Core layer
  • mod: Model layer
  • com: UI Components
  • exc: Exceptions
  • ui: All UI Debug logs
  • all: Everything

--replica or -r {REPLICA_STATUS} : Status of default outstream log replication. REPLICA_STATUS can be "yes" or "no"

For example;

--level exc cor -r yes

-l all --replica no


Main Window

Main Window

First, you must set adb (Android Debugger Bridge) executable file.

  • Click "System" -> "Set ADB"
  • Locate android sdk platform tools folder and select adb binary file.

And then

  • Click "System" -> "Start" for starting logger.

The program waits until logcat connected to the device.

JYald Working

JYald Working on Linux

JYald On Ubuntu

Adding a New Filter

  • Click "Menu" -> "Add New Filter"

You must see filter adding dialogbox.

JYald Filter Adding Dialog

  • Enter an identifier to Filter Name section.
  • Choose which field to apply your rule from the Filter Section
  • Choose filter comparision operator from Filter Operation
  • Type/select Value. This section depends your type of Filter Operation
  • If you want to use regular expression for string matching, just check it Use Regular Expression checkbox.
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