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Chordy app for spotify

this have two parts:

Spotify client App

Heroku Server Side

you actually need only the Client for now untill they find this and take it down i guess it violates some terms of service.. i never read them

any way if they take down the server you can run it localy and just replace the link in

client/Chordify/chordify.js line 37 to your local server

  • the server side is deploy ready to heroku so you can also deploy your on

secondly since this will probably never make it to be official spotify app center you need to got through a little trouble to install it

Activate your account as developer here: here

than follow the tutorial

or simply create a "Spotify" directory in you home folder and put the content of the client folder in there

than open Spotify and in the search bar just type


Wallaaaa, Play a song and you imidiatly will have the chords so you can play along..


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