Windows version of Zero Install - a decentralized software-installation system
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Zero Install for Windows

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This is the Windows version of Zero Install. It extends the cross-platform core Zero Install .NET with a GUI and various OS-specific integrations.

Zero Install is a decentralized cross-platform software installation system. You can learn more at

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The source code is in src/ and generated build artifacts are placed in artifacts/.
There is a template in feed/ for generating a Zero Install feed from the artifacts. For official releases this is published at:

You need Visual Studio 2017 to build this project.

Run .\build.ps1 in PowerShell to build everything. This script takes a version number as an input argument. The source code itself only contains dummy version numbers. The actual version is picked by continuous integration using GitVersion.

If you wish to deploy the build after compilation as the default Zero Install instance in your user profile run .\build.ps1 -Deploy. To deploy it for all users use .\build.ps1 -Deploy -Machine.


We welcome contributions to this project such as bug reports, recommendations, pull requests and translations. If you have any questions feel free to pitch in on our friendly mailing list.

This repository contains an EditorConfig file. Please make sure to use an editor that supports it to ensure consistent code style, file encoding, etc.. For full tooling support for all style and naming conventions consider using JetBrain's ReSharper or Rider products.