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@github-actions github-actions released this 29 Sep 08:24
· 401 commits to master since this release

Download Zero Install for Windows


New features

  • .zip and .tar.* archives are now extracted while downloading.
    This saves time and removes the need for disk space to store temporary files.
  • Manifest digests are now calculated while extracting archives.
    This saves time and reduces disk IO (files don't need to be written to disk and then read again).
  • Unix executable bits on Windows are now inferred from .manifest files.
    This removes the need for separate .xbit files.
  • Feed validation has been improved.
    This leads to clearer error messages explaining which part of a feed cannot be processed.


  • Fixed pending questions sometimes not being displayed when resuming a background operation by clicking on the Zero Install tray icon
  • Fixed typos

Based on Zero Install .NET 2.20.0.