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  • Add 0install-solver.opam. This makes the solver into a separate opam package.

  • Improve display of implementations in diagnostics. Instead of sha1=3ce644dc725f1d21cfcf02562c76f375944b266a (1), show: v1 (sha1=3ce644dc725f...).

  • Only report restrictions that affected the result. If a restriction didn't remove any candidates (either because it matched all of them or because another restriction already removed them) then don't bother reporting it. Also, don't bother reporting a restriction that only removed candidates worse than the selected one (if any). For user-provided restrictions, filter the rejects to show only the version the user asked for (unless that would remove all of them). Since we only show the first 5 rejects, this would often mean that the interesting candidates weren't even shown.

  • Expose more of the solver diagnostics API. This allows users to format the results in other ways (for example, as a list in a GUI). Also, use formatting boxes instead of manual indentation.

  • Add conflict_class. This isn't used by 0install, but the new opam backend that uses the 0install solver needs it.


  • Update minimum OCaml version to 4.08. Remove our custom Option module and use the new stdlib one instead. Use the new List.filter_map from the stdlib instead of our one. Also, rename our first_match to find_map, to match the name in 4.10.

  • Depend on ounit2 for unit-tests. The old oUnit is just a transition package that depends on ounit2 now.