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Zero Install Publishing Tools

The Zero Install Publishing Tools provide a graphical editor and wizard for creating Zero Install feeds. They also contain an alternative version of the 0publish command-line tool optimized for use on Windows. These tools are based on Zero Install .NET.

Documentation and download instructions


The source code is in src/ and generated artifacts are placed in artifacts/.
The source code does not contain version numbers. Instead the version is determined during CI using GitVersion.

To build install Visual Studio 2022 v17.4 or newer and run .\build.ps1.


We welcome contributions to this project such as bug reports, recommendations, pull requests and translations. If you have any questions feel free to pitch in on our friendly mailing list.

This repository contains an EditorConfig file. Please make sure to use an editor that supports it to ensure consistent code style, file encoding, etc.. For full tooling support for all style and naming conventions consider using JetBrains' ReSharper or Rider products.