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An Erlang Memcached Client.
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merle : An erlang based memcached client.

Version : 0.1
Author : Joe Williams <>
Blog :
Info :

This code is available as Open Source Software under the MIT license.

* Support for stats, version, get, delete, set, add, replace, cas
* Supports making calls to memcached directly as well as through gen_server

To Do:
* The noreply option and the append, prepend, increment and decrement commands will likely be added in the future
* Support for retrieving multiple keys at once
* Socket pool/reuse


$ cd /some/erlang/lib/location/
$ tar zxvf merle-VERSION.tar.gz
$ cd merle-VERSION
$ make
$ erl
> merle:module_info().

This should display info about merle if installd correctly.


* Start it up *

2> merle:start_link("localhost", 11211).

* Set and get some data *

9> merle:set("b", "1", "0", [asdf,[{asdf, asdf}, asdf]]).
10> merle:get("b").

* Get the memcached version *

11> merle:version().
["VERSION 1.2.6"]

* Get memcached stats *

12> merle:stats().
["STAT pid 12177","STAT uptime 6146","STAT time 1231993128",
 "STAT version 1.2.6","STAT pointer_size 64",
 "STAT rusage_user 0.008000","STAT rusage_system 0.000000",
 "STAT curr_items 2","STAT total_items 2",
 "STAT bytes 128976","STAT curr_connections 2",
 "STAT total_connections 3","STAT connection_structures 3",
 "STAT cmd_get 3","STAT cmd_set 2","STAT get_hits 3",
 "STAT get_misses 0","STAT evictions 0",
 "STAT bytes_read 128911","STAT bytes_written 257735",
 "STAT limit_maxbytes 67108864","STAT threads 1","END"]

* Get stats with arguments *

145>  merle:stats("localhost", 11211, "slabs").
["STAT 1:chunk_size 104","STAT 1:chunks_per_page 10082",
 "STAT 1:total_pages 1","STAT 1:total_chunks 10082",
 "STAT 1:used_chunks 10081","STAT 1:free_chunks 1",
 "STAT 1:free_chunks_end 10080","STAT 21:chunk_size 10320",
 "STAT 21:chunks_per_page 101","STAT 21:total_pages 1",
 "STAT 21:total_chunks 101","STAT 21:used_chunks 101",
 "STAT 21:free_chunks 0","STAT 21:free_chunks_end 100",
 "STAT active_slabs 2","STAT total_malloced 2090848","END"]

* Direct memcached call example *

13> merle:set("localhost", 11211, "a", "1", "0", asdf).
14> merle:get("localhost", 11211, "a").


start_link(Host, Port)


stats(Host, Port)


stats(Host, Port, Args)


version(Host, Port)


get(Host, Port, Key)

delete(Key, Time)

delete(Host, Port, Key, Time)

set(Key, Flag, ExpTime, Data)

set(Host, Port, Key, Flag, ExpTime, Data)

add(Key, Flag, ExpTime, Data)

add(Host, Port, Key, Flag, ExpTime, Data)

replace(Key, Flag, ExpTime, Data)

replace(Host, Port, Key, Flag, ExpTime, Data)

cas(Key, Flag, ExpTime, CasUniq, Data)

cas(Host, Port, Key, Flag, ExpTime, CasUniq, Data)

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