Easily make, schedule, edit and respond to Stellar payments
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Stellar Payment Manager

A self-hosted solution for easily making, scheduling, editing and responding to Stellar payments.

The application currently supports only batch & scheduled payments via CSV upload. Full details are available in the changelog.


  1. Unzip the distribution to your preferred path.
  2. Configure your instance.


Create a production.conf override file specific for your site, e.g.

include "application"

0rora {
  horizon = "test"
  accounts = [

db {
  default {
    driver = org.postgresql.Driver
    url = "jdbc:postgresql://localhost/orora"
    username = "ford"
    password = "pr3fekt"

play.http.secret.key = "babelfish77"

... and to pass that file as a system property at initialisation:

bin/0rora -Dconfig.file=/path/to/production.conf


  • 0rora.horizon determines the Horizon instance to connect with. It may be test, public or the base URL of any custom Horizon instance.
  • 0rora.accounts is an array of secret seeds for accounts that will be both payers and payment channel participants. (Future builds will migrate this sensitive data elsewhere).
  • db.default is the JDBC configuration of the application database as per the ScalikeJDBC documentation. At the very least, you will require db.default.driver and db.default.url.
  • play.http.secret.key the application secret


Please send pull requests and raise issues.


MIT License




0rora is created and maintained by Jem Mawson.

If you are using 0rora, or plan to, please get in touch.