MUN104: Plantar pressure distribution template
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MUN104: Plantar pressure distribution template computed from 104 individuals from Munster University, Germany.


These are the MUN104 left- and right- plantar pressure distribution templates, computed from 104 subjects at the University of Münster, Germany.

Recommended uses: as a datum for comparisons with individuals and/or other populations.

Data (for Matlab, Python, C, etc.) (comma-separated ASCII format)


Pataky TC, Bosch K, Mu T, Keijsers NLW, Segers V, Rosenbaum D, Goulermas JY (2011). An anatomically unbiased foot template for inter-subject plantar pressure evaluation. Gait and Posture 33(3): 418-422.

Loading and viewing the data (MATLAB)

file_name = 'MUN104L.h5'; 
I = hdf5read(file_name, '/I'); 
I = double( I' ); 
h = pcolor(I); 
set(h, 'facecolor','flat', 'edgecolor','none') 
axis image

Loading and viewing the data (Python)

import tables 
from matplotlib import pyplot 
file_name = 'MUN104L.h5' 
file_id = tables.openFile(file_name, mode='r') 
I = file_id.getNode('/I').read() 
pyplot.imshow(I, origin='lower', interpolation='nearest')

Data format

HDF5 is an open data format, excellent for the fast reading-and-writing of large datasets. Please find more information at: (for Matlab, Python, C, etc.)

Copyright (c) 2011 Todd Colin Pataky, Kerstin Bosch, and Dieter Rosenbaum