A bunch of JavaScript extensions for WinDbg.
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windbg-scripts is a collection of JavaScript debugger extensions for WinDbg.

Installing the script gallery

If you would like to have telescope and sm loaded every time your debugger starts instead of loading the extensions manually follow the below steps:

  1. Clone this GitHub repository,

  2. Edit the Manifest\config.xml file and update the LocalCacheRootFolder path with a value that makes sense,

  3. Open the debugger and import the gallery by running .settings load c:\path\where\cloned\windbg-scripts\Manifest\config.xml and .settings save.

  4. Restart the debugger and you should be able to run !telescope as well as inspecting the gallery content from the data-model.

    0:000> dx -r1 Debugger.State.ExtensionGallery.ExtensionRepositories
        [0x0]            : overgallery
        [0x1]            : LocalInstalled
    0:000> dx -r1 Debugger.State.ExtensionGallery.ExtensionRepositories[0]
    Debugger.State.ExtensionGallery.ExtensionRepositories[0]                 : overgallery
        Name             : overgallery
        ManifestVersion  : 0x1
        Enabled          : true
    0:000> dx -r1 Debugger.State.ExtensionGallery.ExtensionRepositories[0].Packages
        [0x0]            : Telescope
    0:000> dx -r1 Debugger.State.ExtensionGallery.ExtensionRepositories[0].Packages[0]
    Debugger.State.ExtensionGallery.ExtensionRepositories[0].Packages[0]                 : Telescope
        Name             : Telescope
        Version          :
        Description      : Telescope data dereference
        Size             : 0
        IsDownloaded     : true