A simple tool to dump users in popular forums and CMS :)
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Dumb0.py Update and rename Dumb0.pl to Dumb0.py Jan 30, 2018



A simple tool to dump users forums popular forums and CMS (WordPress, SMF, vBulletin, IP Board, XEN forums, myBB, useBB, vanilla, bbPress...). Supported 27 forums/CMS (help us to grow the number!:

		SMF   	 --		Simple Machine Forums
		IPB   	 --		Invision Power Board
		XEN      --		Xen Foro
		VB       --		vBulletin
		myBB     --
		useBB    --
		vanilla  --
		bbPress  --
		WP	 --		WordPress
		DRUPAL   --		Drupal
		MOODLE 	 --		Moodle 
		BEE	 --		Beehive Forums
		FLUX	 --		fluxBB
		FUD	 --		FUDforum
		punBB	 --
		ACM	 --		AcmImBoard XD
		BURN	 --		Burning Board
		COM	 --		Community Servers
		deluxeBB --		
		fusionBB --
		JFORUM	 --
		JITBIT 	 --		Jibit ASPNetForum
		JIVE	 --		Jive Forums
		NEAR	 --		Near Forums
		OVBB	 --		
		TikiWiki --		TikiWiki CMS-Groupware

How to use

python dumb0.py --url=[TARGET URL] --type=[CMS/FORUM ID] {OPTIONS: --cookie=[SESSION COOKIE] }


-> 0verl0ad Labs - "Dumb0.pl: herramienta para extraer usuarios de foros y CMS" http://blog.0verl0ad.com/2014/02/dumb0pl-herramienta-para-extraer.html

->Estación informática - "Acortando tiempos en ataques por fuerza bruta con dumb0" http://www.estacion-informatica.com/2014/04/acortando-los-tiempos-en-ataques-por.html

->KitPloit: The Hacking Tools - "[Dumb0] A simple tool to dump users in popular forums and CMS" http://hack-tools.blackploit.com/2014/02/dumb0-simple-tool-to-dump-users-in.html

Next pentest distibutions has Dumb0 in his repositories:

-> Black Arch

-> Arch Assault