use elliptic curves instead of rsa #10

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dominictarr commented Feb 1, 2014

There are two problems with RSA that affect it's usability,

  1. it takes a long time to compute a private key (search for 2 random, unique, large prime numbers) which will block a cpu for a few seconds, especially in JS.
    2 the keys are the signatures are quite large. You can't tweet a public key or a signature, because it's hundreds of characters large.

Elliptic curves on the other hand,

  1. are fast to generate, because a private key is just a large random number, which is then multiplied by a point on a elliptic curve.
  2. take way less space - like a 256 bit ecc keys is the same level of security as a 3k bit RSA key. A signature or public key would be relatively managable in a URL, even.
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