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;Unpacks text / characters / combined 8 bit values. Instead of letting color waste the high byte of each character,
;use it to store another character.
;This unpacks the high byte, and then the low byte into 2 words.
;This essentially allows twice the amount of stored text per amount of RAM
;Color is blank 0's (in the high bit), and must be added after unpacking.
;Register a is the start of the packed
;data. Register b is the end of the
;packed data. Register c is the start
;of where you want to unpack to
;Copyright 2012, by Hotrootsoup, licensed unter the GNU Public License.
set PUSH, [a]
shr PEEK, 8
set [c], POP
add c, 1
set PUSH, [a]
and PEEK, 0x00FF
set [c], POP
ife a, b
set PC, POP
add c, 1
add a, 1
set PC, upack
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