An operating system for DCPU-16.
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## Welcome to the AtlasOS Readme!

AtlasOS is a multi-process capable DCPU-16 Operating System.
Below is detailed our feature list and planned features.

## AtlasOS Features

* Cooperative multitasking
* Loading and killing of processes
* Application accessible API
* Paged memory allocation / freeing
* Keyboard support (kernel level driver)
* ASCII-capable graphic routines
* AtlasShell
* Virtual filesystem
* Keyboard and screen exclusivity for processes

## Planned features
* Interrupt-based multitasking
* Improved graphics library
* Big memory allocations (not only 1024 words)
* Real filesystem using FDD controller

## AtlasShell Commands

* clear - clears the screen and shows the prompt
* version - displays the AtlasShell version. Syntax: version [os]
* list - displays the list of process IDs
* load - loads a new process into memory (loads demo process right now)
* kill - halts a running process. Syntax: kill [list|procID]
* cd - change directory
* ls - list directory contents
* cat - prints the file contents to the screen

## Building AtlasOS
### Windows
Run the shell script of your choice.
### Linux / Mac
Install the Mono framework software. Then ensure that all of
the .sh files are executable. All you need to do now is to
run the shell script of your choice.

If anyone has any issues please submit to the tracker. Thanks!