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## Welcome to the AtlasOS Readme!
AtlasOS is a multi-process capable DCPU-16 Operating System.
Below is detailed our feature list and planned features.
We hope to have more details about the API posted here to the wiki soon.
## AtlasOS Features
* cooperative multitasking
* loading of new processes
* killing of processes
* some basic API stuff
* paged memory allocation / freeing
* keyboard support (kernel level driver)
* ASCII-capable graphic routines
* AtlasShell
## Planned features
* some more API stuff
* keyboard and screen exclusivity for processes
* big memory allocations (not only 1024 words)
* (virtual-) filesystem
* Compatibility with other assemblers
## AtlasShell Commands
* clear - clears the screen and shows the prompt
* version - displays the AtlasShell version. Syntax: version [os]
* list - displays the list of process IDs
* load - loads a new process into memory (loads demo process right now)
* kill - halts a running process. Syntax: kill [list|procID]
If anyone has any issues please submit to the tracker. Thanks!
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