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Updated to binary OR instead of just setting upper octet.

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1 parent 83a27ed commit 2e05b074d3acc4b59766608b8067c0d7e39b17a2 @mbs6597 mbs6597 committed May 1, 2012
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8 ASM/Spec_0xSCA.txt
@@ -224,7 +224,6 @@ Kuijpers & Beermann [Page 4]
Assembly Syntactics April 2012
The latter form of incbin MUST include the file from an
implementation defined location.
@@ -273,9 +272,10 @@ Kuijpers & Beermann [Page 4]
This will insert the ASCII values for the characters in the string,
in a maner controlled by the flags. The optional value parameter in
- between less than (< U+003C) and greater than (> U+003E) is used with
- unpacked modes to specifiy the upper octet of each word written.
+ between less than (< U+003C) and greater than (> U+003E) will be
+ bitwise ORed with each character in the string. The upper octet for
+ unpacked strings will default to all 0's before the bitwise OR.
Kuijpers & Beermann [Page 5]
Assembly Syntactics April 2012

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