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Tweaked varargs according to @jckarter

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1 parent 251b4fb commit ea6e8dad06e54b2aef03ddc44dd12067d375b6d4 @0xabad1dea 0xabad1dea committed Apr 8, 2012
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@@ -13,8 +13,10 @@ On April 5 2012, #0x10c-dev agreed to the following standard ABI:
- First three arguments to A, B, C, remaining arguments pushed right-to-left onto
the stack
-- Varargs: follow normal rules, except the entire "..." must go on the stack
- even if it's one of the first three arguments
+- Varargs: follow normal rules; the vararg callee should push C,B,A in its
+prolog to have a nice walkable array, and then clear off these three registers
+from the stack in its epilog.
- No stupid tricks with the overflow flag

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