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Commits on Apr 11, 2012
  1. @cyberjacob
  2. @cyberjacob
  3. @Boreeas

    Merge pull request #46 from eXeC64/master

    Boreeas authored
    Added usage and security section to RFC
  4. @eXeC64

    Added security section.

    eXeC64 authored
  5. @eXeC64
  6. @eXeC64

    Added brief usage section.

    eXeC64 authored
  7. @enkore

    Moved PDF files to gh-pages

    enkore authored
  8. @enkore

    Added PDF versions

    enkore authored
  9. @eXeC64
  10. @enkore
  11. @enkore
  12. @enkore

    Forgot closing </t> tag

    enkore authored
  13. @enkore

    Changed magic number to meaningful value and made definition of size …

    enkore authored
    …field definite.
    I personally don't like magic numbers, but if we need one it should have a meaningful value and
    not something like 1234.
    RT stands for Relocation Table and is stored as a packed (2 characters per word) 7-bit ASCII literal.
    This should make the magic number easily identifiable in hex editors.
  14. @joskuijpers
  15. @0xabad1dea

    Merge pull request #43 from KingKorihor/master

    0xabad1dea authored
    Adding Disk Controller Specification
  16. @hach-que
  17. @joskuijpers

    Merge pull request #42 from eXeC64/master

    joskuijpers authored
    Large redesign of HAT
  18. Adding Disk Controller standard

    unknown authored
  19. @eXeC64
  20. @eXeC64

    Redesigned HAT

    eXeC64 authored
Commits on Apr 10, 2012
  1. @eXeC64

    Renamed hard links to links.

    eXeC64 authored
  2. @eXeC64
  3. @eXeC64
  4. @joskuijpers

    Merge pull request #41 from eXeC64/master

    joskuijpers authored
    Added bitmap for finding free inodes and blocks
  5. @eXeC64
  6. @eXeC64

    Rejiggled things a bit

    eXeC64 authored
  7. @eXeC64
  8. @eXeC64
  9. @Boreeas

    Updated Draft_String_Format

    Boreeas authored
  10. @Boreeas

    Merge pull request #38 from enkore/master

    Boreeas authored
    Small XML fix
  11. @hach-que
  12. @enkore

    concatenation of strings is O(n), if you have enough space for the se…

    enkore authored
    …cond string after the first, and O(n+m) in every other case. The string format doesn't matter in this case.
  13. @enkore

    Small XML fix for <![CDATA

    enkore authored
    cdata must come right after the opening tag, since everything between the opening tags and the cdata also counts as the element text.
  14. @0xabad1dea

    Merge pull request #37 from jeremy-w/pstring

    0xabad1dea authored
    Pstring draft changes
  15. @jeremy-w

    Specify prefix to count words, not characters.

    jeremy-w authored
    Break out ABNF as <artwork> in <figure>.
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