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Compiling and installing on OpenBSD
OpenBSD host implies TLS support.
$ make key # generate self-signed cert and key for localhost
$ make
$ doas make key-install # install cert and key to /etc/ssl
$ doas make install
In /etc/inetd.conf:
gopher stream tcp nowait _gophernicus /usr/local/libexec/in.gophernicus \
in.gophernicus -h <hostname>
and for TLS on 343:
gophers stream tcp nowait _gophernicus /usr/local/libexec/in.gophernicus \ in.gophernicus-tls -h <hostname> -T 343 -z 1
Because there is no IANA-designated port for Gopher
over TLS, add the service to /etc/services:
gophers 343/tcp
TLS defaults:
TLS_CA "/etc/ssl/cert.pem"
TLS_CERT "/etc/ssl/gophernicus.pem"
TLS_KEY "/etc/ssl/gophernicus.key"
$ rcctl -f start inetd
$ pkg_add socat gopher
$ ./client <unprivileged port>
or $ openssl s_client -connect localhost:343 -tls1_2