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Shakespearean Insult generator script for HexChat IRC client.
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Shakespearean Insult generator script for IRSSI IRC client. Based on this image from twitter

Ported from my IRSSI script at the request of Reddit users.

General Installation Notes

Drop it into your "addons" directory in Hexchat, and load it with "/py load" or add to autoload. Reasonably painless to make work, compared to the absolute motherfuckery that was configuring irssi-python.

Usage Notes

To use, just do /shakespeare to insult no one in particular (the open query window), or /shakespeare $nick to insult a specific user in the current channel.




Licenced under the WTFPL, so do what you fucking want.


BTC welcome, send to: 1F3sPdKSEL9mM8LBnymGG8Dv3QCPDSRYeh :>

Bug Reports

Use the issue tracker. Its probably buggy as all hell, as it was my first dalliance with the Hexchat python API.

Known Bugs

If you load the script multiple times, it will execute multiple copies of itself every time you call it. For example, if you load it 6 times, one call to it will blast out 6 insults. I have not yet figured out how to make it "blocking", and due to the sheer amusement value of it, have decided to not fix this until someone actually files a report :P

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