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Weather bot that tweets about the weather in Chicago
Python Shell
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A bot for tweeting the weather.

Copy twitter_api_example.json to twitter_api.json and then fill in your keys. Do the same with the weather_api_example.json file.

You will also have to copy sftp_example.json to sftp.json. Then put your SFTP info in the sft.json file.

All config files are in the .gitignore, in order to avoid accidentally publishing credentials.

I have it set up so that I run on an Ubuntu VM on one of my hypervisors. I run on a Raspberry Pi Zero W running Raspbian, and it has SSH enabled and SFTP too. A dependency for the shell script is libimage-exiftool-perl. It also must have an SSH server running so that the Ubuntu Server VM can log in and download the photo.

Other Python package dependencies include Pillow and pysftp.

The Raspberry Pi Zero W has a camera that takes pictures of the sky using raspistill.

I guess you could technically try all of this on a single machine, but a Raspberry Pi Zero isn't very powerful, and I started this project as a VM on a hypervisor rather than something that has direct access to a camera. So the Zero W is mostly because it can use a camera.

Before the addition of the Raspberry Pi Zero W and the shell script, it would just tweet the weather text from the OpenWeatherMap current weather data API. But now it also takes a picture of the sky and tweets that too, albiet in a semi-convoluted way.

It also helps to create a static DHCP reservation for the SFTP server.

Do not run the script directly. Instead, put it in your crontab.

Here are instructions for crontab: Link

For more info on how it works, check this out: Link

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