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We build software with solid foundations to provide flexible solutions that are easily modified and extended.

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  1. 0x4447-Foundation

    πŸ“š The purpose of this document is to let you know what to expect


  2. 0x4447-cli-node-avocado

    πŸ₯‘ build the output of a front-end page to be hosted on S3 and delivered by CloudFront

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  3. 0x4447-cli-node-potato

    πŸ₯” Upload a static page to AWS S3 while automatically configuring CloudFront

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  4. 0x4447-cli-node-strawberry

    πŸ“Create automatically a SSL domain redirection using CloudFront and S3.

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  5. 0x4447-cli-node-tomato

    πŸ… Our personal default template for a ExpressJS projects

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  6. 0x4447-cli-node-grapes

    πŸ‡ This is a small framework to make it easier to work with AWS CloudFormation files.

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