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This project contains Inference graphs (updated consistently) to detect Nazi co-opted symbolism inside of images.

Throughout the 1930's and early 1940's, the Third Reich led by Adolph Hitler stole and repurposed symbolism from pagan religions, occult sources, & mainstream religions to represent National Socialist ideas that were at odds with the source material. Modern neo-Nazis have found a venue for the associations this stolen symbolism makes to Hitler's National Socialist party in the form of internet memes. Various sites including popular social media sites have been rightly criticized in recent years for not doing enough to curtail the abuse of their platforms as conduits for neo-Nazi propaganda. The Nemesis project aims to prove that if an amateur machine learning enthusiast can develop a program to root out violent rhetoric and symbolism on their platforms, then the owners and administrators of that platform could be doing much more than we can in this small, unfunded, unsupported project.


Expect that all of these symbols will be detected with various levels of reliability.


  • for 1 DEC, 2017, NEMESIS detected classes have doubled from 12 classes to 25. No guarantees on perfect accuracy, but this update also provides better accuracy for some of the original 12 classes.


The graph currently detects on the following 25 classes:

  1. Black Sun
  2. Life Rune
  3. Odal/Othala Rune
  4. SS Totenkopf/"Death's Head"
  5. Swastika
  6. Valknot
  7. Broken Sun
  8. Vanguard America (Eagle w/fasces)
  9. Deus Vult
  10. Confederate Flag
  11. KKK Insignia
  12. National Socialist Movement flag
  13. Southern Nationalist flag
  14. Vagnuard America (alternative fasces only)
  15. KEK logo
  16. 'Kekistan' flag
  17. KKK Loyal White Knights
  18. Traditional Worker's Party
  19. Identity Evropa "Dragon's Eye"
  20. Iron Cross
  21. SS lightning bolts
  22. "Right Wing Death Squad"
  23. Generation Identitaire logo
  24. Sturmabteilung symbol
  25. Wolfsangel

Follow this project or @emilymaxima on twitter for new updates (hopefully will be semi-regular)

SPECIAL THANKS: @datitran - helper script originals @werjortitsko - resources @sentdex - for being awesome