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#Pipes the selected memory through a shell process to decode it.
# The shell process must:
# - accept the data to be decoded via stdin
# - send decoded output to stdout
# - output error messages to stderr
#@category Memory
#@menupath Tools.Decoders.Call external (piped) decoder
from subprocess import Popen, PIPE
from ghidra.program.model.listing import CodeUnit
from ghidra.program.util import ProgramSelection
from ghidra.util.exception import CancelledException
from ghidra.program.model.mem import MemoryAccessException
command = askString(SCRIPT_NAME, "Shell command through which to pipe for decoding", "openssl enc -d -aes128 -nopad -K deadbeef -iv 0")
except CancelledException as e:
print "[!] CANCELLED: " + str(e)
if currentSelection == None or currentSelection.isEmpty():
print "[!] FAILED: please make a selection"
set = currentSelection
ranges = set.getAddressRanges(True)
for r in ranges:
begin = r.getMinAddress()
end = r.getMaxAddress()
length = r.getLength()
status = "Processing selection: " + r.toString()
print "[+] " + status
bytes = getBytes(begin,length)
except MemoryAccessException as e:
print "[!] FAILED: " + str(e)
if r.getLength() > PIPE_BUFFER_SIZE:
print "[!] ERROR: Selection larger than the pipe buffer size."
print " Either make a smaller selection or increase PIPE_BUFFER_SIZE in the script's source code."
p = Popen(command, stdout=PIPE, stdin=PIPE, stderr=PIPE, shell=True, bufsize=PIPE_BUFFER_SIZE)
stdout, stderr = p.communicate(bytes)
bytes_decoded = stdout
print "$ " + command
print stderr
# only warn on "failed" execution, because, e.g., openssl will not return 0 if block length errors
if p.returncode != 0:
print "[!] WARNING: subprocess did not return with 0 (=success)"
# only warn if there are less bytes returned than we send
if len(bytes_decoded) < len(bytes):
print "[!] WARNING: subprocess returned less bytes then we send for decoding"
# however if we get more bytes than we send we fail because we have not enough space to write them
if len(bytes_decoded) > len(bytes):
print "[!] FAILED: subprocess returned a different amount of bytes then we provided"
setBytes(begin, bytes_decoded)
createBookmark(begin, SCRIPT_NAME, command)
cu = currentProgram.getListing().getCodeUnitAt(begin)
comment = SCRIPT_NAME + "\n"
comment += command + "\n"
comment += stderr + "\n"
comment += "[send: " + hex(len(bytes)) + ", decoded: " + hex(len(bytes_decoded)) + "]"
cu.setComment(COMMENT_STYLE, comment)
print "[$] SUCCESS"
except MemoryAccessException as e:
print "[!] FAILED: " + str(e)