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Nimbatus - The Save File Constructor

Hello fellow nimbatussers? Is that how you all are called? Nah I'm joking.
Thank you for being a cheater like me :^). No serious!, you rock!.
I will not go in to much detail about my self but I just like constructing 
for hours. I noticed I got a little bit bored because of the slow progress
I made myself that I decided I would like to cheat. Just becaue all those
weapon upgrades...   (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


Anyway,.. ┬─┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ)... My background is a backend python developer.
Recently I learned that C# also have its own garbage collecter. Technical
stuff!@? Stop it!... Long story short. This is my first c# project.
From python application which was unable to compress the save file to fully
working c# application.


Just open up your save and enjoy!

How does it works

Works with new saves and with older saves

  1. Open Nimbatus.exe (The save constructor)

  2. Click the Open and navigate to your save file:
    The save file is normally located in the appdata folder of your system

    If you want the save file on the top row of the game, you simply select
    "Slot1.nSave". If you want the second save in the in game you select 
    "Slot2.nSave". I dont think I need to explain further...
  3. Edit the data you would like to edit

  4. Click the save button

  5. Start your game and enjoy!

Trouble shooting

  1. If you experience any issues please remove the tmp folder from
    c:\Nimbatus - The Save Constructor\tmp

  2. Make sure .NET Framework 4.6.2 is installed, This is made by microsoft.
    You can do this in 2 different ways. Make sure you are running windows 10
    and update your pc.

    Or install it manual from the official microsoft website

  3. Try to edit your save file again

  4. Contact me on discord through the official Nimbatus discord server.
    Issues can be post in the modding_nimbatus channel. You can ping me
    with the following tag <@275280442884751360> or you can leave a issue on
    the github page.

    When posting a issue or when contacting me on discord please describe your
    problem as detailed as possible. Otherwise I cant help you.

Note: I am not a game developer or have worked on the game or am affiliated with the game 
Note: The supported version which this program is tested on is always
      the "Nimbatus version" which you can find after starting the application.
Note: TSC stands for The Save Constructor
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