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Visual c++ Effects
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Visual c++ Effects

Nintendo Switch HomeBrew

To compile the makefile you need a couple of dependencies. Or you can download the precompiled version here. Make sure DevKitPro is installed, which you can find here. I personally created this build on a windows system and I did not test it on any other OS. (keep that in mind).

After DevKitPro is installed navigate to the folder where your installation is located and make sure to run the updater once more. When you updated your devkitpro, go to the startmenu and search for MSYS. If you open up this application you will end up in a shell. In this unix like shell navigate to C:\Particle-Fire-Explosion\Nintendo_Switch. This can be done with the command CD C:\Particle-Fire-Explosion\Nintendo_Switch or where ever your repo download location is.

Before we build our project with make we need a couple of dependencies. To do this we can install packages with pacman which is a package manager. Pacman is located in the unix like shell MSYS. Execute the following command in your MSYS terminal to get the list of dependencies (which we need).

pacman -Sl | grep switch-sdl

Everything listed here is what we need. To see all packages available execute: pacman -Sl instead. To install a package you can do them one by one using the command:

pacman -S switch-sdl2 etc,.. etc,...

Or do them all at once:

pacman -S switch-sdl2 switch-sdl2_gfx switch-sdl2_image switch-sdl2_mixer switch-sdl2_net switch-sdl2_ttf

When all dependencies are installed feel free to build the make file. If you are still in CD C:\Particle-Fire-Explosion\Nintendo_Switch type in your terminal to execute the compiler: make

A bunch of files will apear. In the root dir you will find a Nintendo_Switch.nro file. Copy this to your HomeBrewed switch.


The first version I learned to make. the precompiled version can be found here. No make files for this one, I'm deeply sorry not... You can see the code if you like or load it into eclipse (or whatever editor you use) or you can use the precompiled version to look how it should look on your switch.





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