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nx-python is an ecosystem for developing and running Python homebrew applications on the Nintendo Switch. PyNX serves as the entry point to running Python apps on your Switch. It is a homebrew app that contains a port of the CPython interpreter and allows you to run Python applications from the Homebrew Menu. Currently, Python 3.5 is supported.

You can find the source of PyNX here. However, this package already contains a pre-build version of PyNX. click here to checkout the latest release.


I created this terminal because there wasn't any. At this moment only the stdout shows. So no error output or anything. Ofcourse you can expect in future updates that this will be a thing. This scene is pretty new. And the devs of PyNX do their best to support a fully functional Python for the switch. However at this moment in time the python package is somewhat limited. I hope it is understandable.

Terminal capabilities
  • Multi line support
  • Function support
  • Class support
  • Touch support
  • Controller support


Copy PyNX_Terminal to your homebrew folder.


Screenshots version 0.2A

Keyboard Settings/tests

depricated screenshots version 0.1

Keyboard open import this stderr

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