Automatic syntax checking for your puppet manifests
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Automatic syntax checking for your puppet manifests, instant notifications to your desktop using Growl

  • Puppet-growl is a ruby script that watches if there is any changes to your puppet manifests (by monitoring .pp files) and sends notifications to your desktop if the puppet manifest you just created/edited passes the syntax checks or not.
  • It aims to facilitate the development of puppet code by sending instant notifications to your OS X desktop.

Installation (OS X)

  1. sudo gem install eventmachine ruby-growl em-dir-watcher
  2. Edit the "dir" variable in puppet-growl.rb with the full path of your puppet manifests.
  3. Make sure to allow the following in Growl preferences: Listen for incoming connections, allow remote application registration.
  4. Run the script: sudo ruby puppet-growl.rb

Libnotify support

Libnotify support has been added by @cleonte, check out puppet-watcher at